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Dionne routinely receives calls, e-mails, text messages, and face-to-face messages of appreciation and thanks.  Below are a small sampling of e-mails received from workshop participants, former students, and colleagues.


“I just wanted to drop you a line saying hello.  Thanks for all you have done to make my experience a successful one. I really enjoyed your class. May you always be blessed.” ~ Barbara J.

“The session on technology utilization provided by you was outstanding. The interest generated by faculty is palpable. Many faculty now feel more adept with the utilization of technology integration and able to master the basics and want to increase their understanding and competence. I attribute a lot of that to your ease of instruction and mastery of the content you were teaching. We look forward to having more opportunities with expanded times for faculty to learn more about the integration of technology. I have received nothing but positive feedback from all the faculty attendees.   Again thanks for providing an informative and useful workshop.”
~ Joan T.

“Where can I start?  You have been phenomenal in your support and assistance to me and the e-health project team.  As you know, this grant has been quite demanding.  Because of your expertise, we were able to handle every challenge. We learned valuable lessons during the process.  We have all advanced our technological skill sets to a much higher level.  You have always been supportive. Thank you.”
~ Betsy S.

“I wanted to take a minute and say thank you for your contribution to my process during the last semester.  I was truly enriched.  Thank you again.”
~Ako O.

“I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience. I had so much fun in your class and it really taught me a lot. I am happy that I decided to take your class and I am sure that the other students enjoyed the class as well. I do have more confidence in myself and in my speaking. If it had not been for you, I would not feel the way I do today. Thank you. Thank you for a wonderful experience! You will never know how much this class meant to me!”
~ Charelle W.

“I want to commend you for your valuable contributions in helping me with the technology that enhanced my ability to provide quality academic teaching and learning to my students this past semester.   You provide excellent service with impeccable professionalism combined with a human touch that surpassed the best of customer service.”
~ Kenneth O.

“Thank you for presenting at the Tech Conference!  I found your sessions very helpful!”
~ Nadia S.

“I just wanted to write and let you know how much I enjoyed speaking with your class.  I have been talking about them all weekend long.  It did my heart well to see so many positive children eager to learn, even in the summer time.  They inspire me to do more.  They showed me that they are watching, and they are aware of current events.  I will always do everything in my power to present them with positive, thought provoking, and enlightening images  –even when I take a controversial stand.  Further, I appreciate your leadership.  I have always said that not just anyone can be a teacher, perhaps anyone can teach one or more of life’s lessons.  But teaching is a special calling that is placed upon one’s heart and in their life. Ms. Curbeam, you are indeed a teacher from the heart, and I can tell you have devoted your life to it.  If it were not for you challenging the students, they would have never known to seek professionals in the field they desire to be.  Continue to challenge them, continue to nurture and grow our young people.  The future is in their hands.  Thank you for arming them with knowledge, experiences, and intelligence.  At the rate they are going, I know 10-15 years from now, my opponents in the courtroom will be formidable, and my co-counsel, and colleagues will be dominant.  I am soo soo proud of the students at Lakeland, and I respect and admire the work you, your co-workers, and staff are doing.  I will come back any time.”
~ Wyndal G.

“You are such a sincere person.  You go above and beyond the call of duty.  I wish there were more teachers like you.”
~ Alecia H.

“I wish to thank you for a very informative and interactive session today.  Your collegial and collaborative approach to helping us develop our new knowledge made such a difference. The hands-on session really allowed us to ask pertinent questions that may not have occurred to us had we not been working at individual computer stations while helping us navigate through the various components. The generous spirit and support you continually provide is much appreciated.”
~ Jackie W.

“Thank you for a most beneficial session.  Later that day, I was better able to assist one of my students.  How great is that?!  I appreciate the availability of sessions and the consultations you have provided.  As always, you are one of our best teachers.”
~ Delores H.

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